Why can’t I access the raffle page?
Some product releases are restricted by brands to particular countries or cities and our raffle pages are then restricted by IP address to match that.
I see an error after the payment details page - why this?
1 - We cannot authorise your payment method due to fraud flags. Please check the billing information matches your payment method. Please check your bank is not stopping the authorisation check.

2 - An entry has already been made with details that have been associated with you. Either you have already entered, or someone who has been linked to you has already entered. You would only be linked to someone else if you have both used the same payment method previously.
I cannot get to the payment details page - what to do?
If you cannot get to the payment details page, make sure you are not using autocomplete to enter your data.
Do you contact me if I haven’t won?
We generally only contact raffle winners via email.
When do you contact winners?
Winners are contacted at the email address provided.
What do you do with unpicked up pairs?
This depends on the number of pairs and any terms provided by the brands. We do not release unpicked up pairs on general release.
I have a notification from my bank - have I won?
Only receivers of a winner email have won. As part of our winner drawing process for online entrants we check that we are able to charge funds against the payment method provided. If this is denied by the bank then this entrant is not selected as winner.
Why do you need payment information for in-store pick up?
We are always striving to have the fairest raffle system. Requiring entrants to put in payment information is our best way to stop people creating duplicate entries. We only check that it is a valid payment method. Nothing is charged.
How do I pay if I win?
If you entered for the online draw then if you win your payment method will be checked for funds when we draw the winners and then charged when we ship the shoes (generally 1-3 days after raffle draw).
What happens if I would cancel the order what I've won in a raffle?
If you win and fail to receive it anymore you will be charged a 30 Euro equivalent processing fee.
Is there monetary value to being selected?
No. There is no monetary value to being selected.
When does the contract between me and SUEDE store is entered?
Our contract with you is not entered into until a purchase has been made.
Can I return a raffle product I've purchased?
No. All raffle purchases are final.
What issa raffle?
A “raffle” is our process for handling the release of shoes where the number of people who want to buy the shoes far exceeds the number we have to sell. In order to make the process as fair as possible we run a raffle where we randomly pick a number of people to be able to buy the shoe.
PayPal payment
If you choose PayPal as the payment method when you sign up for the raffle you have to be a registered PayPal users. If you're not you will not have a chance to be selected as a winner.